GRQ Consulting develops Food Safety Programs for the catering industry that meet the legislative requirements for the relevant state or territory.

In Queensland, the Food Safety Program meets the:

  • FSANZ Food Standards Code 3.2.2 and 3.2.3,
  • HACCP Codex Alimentarious, and the
  • Qld Food Act 2006

GRQ Consulting has expertise in catering, food service and food retail as well as food processing,  so we can develop and implement Food Safety Programs across a broad range of food industry situations. In Queensland it is compulsory to have an accredited Food Safety Program if your food business caters to a vulnerable population (child care, aged care, disability services, private hospitals, boarding schools) or if your business includes off-site catering. You may also choose to have a Food Safety Program if you have a food business that addresses general on-site catering or sale of food (restaurant, hotel, motel, cafe, fast food, delicatessen etc).

The requirements in states and territories other than Queensland vary from requiring food businesses providing food to vulnerable people to have a Food Safety Program to requiring all catering businesses to have a Food Safety Program (eg Victoria). Please check the requirements for your state or territory. If you have a Food Business in another state or territory, GRQ Consulting can develop a Food Safety Program for you that meets the legislative requirements of that specific state or territory.

Food Safety Program Development Process

If you engage GRQ Consulting (or another Consultant) to develop and implement your Food Safety Program in Queensland, this is the process that a Food Business must follow to meet the Qld Food Act, 2006 requirements for a Food Safety Program and its management:

Develop & Document Food Safety Program
Engage Consultant Design & Document Food Safety Program
Document Audit of Food Safety Program
Engage Separate Independent Food Safety Auditor Obtain Advice Notice (Audit Report)
Submit to Council
Food Safety Program, Advice Notice, Application Form, Fee Accreditation of FSP by Council
With assistance from Consultant, Implement the Food Safety Program
Train staff, implement new procedures Ensure monitoring, identification of non-conformances and corrective action take place
Annual External Audit of Food Safety Program
Independent Auditor audits and provides Report to Food Business and to Council Perform Resulting Corrective Action which is checked by Council

 GRQ Consulting can provide assistance to you in either, but not both, of the following two areas:

  • Development and Implementation of your Food Safety Program, tailored to the requirements of your food business; OR
  • Document Audit and Site Compliance Audits as required under the Qld Food Act 2006.

We cannot provide both services to the same food business because of the conflict of interest as defined by Qld Health in its Code of Conduct for Approved Food Safety Auditors.

Content of the Food Safety Program

A Food Safety Program developed by GRQ Consulting will be tailored to the specific operations of your catering business and meet the requirements of the

  • FSANZ Food Standards Code 3.2.2 and 3.2.3,
  • HACCP Codex Alimentarious and either the
  • Qld Food Act 2006 or relevant state or territory Food Act (catering)

The content will usually be as follows although other formats that better suit your food business, may be used:

  • Scope
  • Description of Food Business, including Food Business Registration
  • Staffing Matrix and Staff Responsibilities
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Identification of Hazards, Controls, Monitoring procedures and Corrective Actions (may be incorporated in whole or part with each procedure in the Process and Support Procedures)
  • Process Procedures
  • Support Procedures
  • Management of the Food Safety Program
  • Management of Non-conformances and Continuous Improvement
  • Validation
  • Verification
  • Internal Audit
  • External Audit
  • Review
  • Update

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