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Produces a Food Safety Program tailored specifically to your food business.

  • Are you considering writing a Food Safety Program for your food business yourself?

  • Are you considering asking a staff member to write a Food Safety Program for your Food Business?

  • Are you confused by the many Food Safety Program Templates (free or with purchase cost) available in the Public Domain?

  • Do you need guidance and explanations when developing your Food Safety Program?

GRQ Consulting can provide a Food Safety Program Template for a variety of catering applications, that provides the guidance, explanations and support that you require, as you choose options that tailor the Food Safety Program specifically to your food business. 

DIY Food Safety Program - GRQ Consulting

Advantages of the GRQ Consulting Template

What are the advantages of investing in the GRQ Consulting Food Safety Program Template?

1.  Using the GRQ Consulting Food Safety Program Template with its substantial inbuilt guidance and options, can overcome the risk of a self developed Food Safety Program failing the Desktop Audit.

The first step in accrediting a Food Safety Program is submission to an Approved Food Safety Auditor for a Desktop Audit to ensure it meets legislative requirements under the Qld Food Act 2006 (or other state legislation).

Many self developed Food Safety Programs, even those developed with a Template, have been found to be deficient at their first compulsory desktop audit. These can require several time consuming revisions before the Auditor considers it satisfactory for submission to Council for accreditation. Auditors have found that some Food Safety Programs submitted for audit will require complete re-writing.

(Further information about possible deficits in a Food Safety Program under document audit, can be found below.)

2. The GRQ Consulting Food Safety Program Template provides a platform that provides instructions, content, options and guidance about the essential parts of a Food Safety Program:

  • Hazards,
  • Control of hazards,
  • Monitoring of control procedures,
  • Monitoring Records ,
  • Identification of non- conformances,
  • Corrective Action,
  • Validation, verification and review, and their practical application in the Food Safety Program.

 3. The GRQ Consulting Template aims to produce a practical Food Safety Program Manual that meets legislative requirements and is a practical and easily followed procedural manual. It is a document that is meant to be used by staff.

4. GRQ Consulting provides access to telephone or email support from Gillian as you work through the Template.

5. You may choose to ask Gillian to perform a preliminary Desktop Audit before you finalise your FSP. Gillian will annotate your Food Safety Program Word File so you can make corrections and improvements before you submit your completed Food Safety Program to the Approved Food Safety Auditor for the required Desktop Audit (first step in accreditation process).



For a short time, as an Introductory offer, phone and email support is offered at no additional charge.

  • Food Safety Program Template for a Catering Business (including record templates): $400
  • Phone and email support: No cost 
  • Preliminary Desktop Audit: $200


Provision of the Food Safety Program Template & Associated Services

  • Please email Gillian at or use the form below.
  • You will be sent a short questionnaire about your food business and your documentation requirements to ensure that the Template sent to you is appropriate to your food business. 
  • For instance, you will be asked if you plan to use Word or Excel for your Record Templates, details about your kitchen facilities and equipment and your production.
  • After the questionnaire is returned, A Food Safety Program Template suitable for your business with be sent by email, together with an Invoice.
  • Access to further support will be provided after receipt of payment.
  • If you request the optional Preliminary Desktop Audit, payment is required before the audit is conducted.
  • GRQ Consulting looks forward to providing you with expert and professional assistance.

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Further Information

  • Food Safety Programs (FSPs) must undergo a Desktop Audit by an Approved Food Safety Auditor, who writes an Advice Notice stating whether the Food Safety Program meets the requirements of the legislation, or not; and whether the Food Safety Program should be approved by Local Government, or not. 
  • As a Food Safety Auditor, I and my colleagues have performed Desktop Audits on many, many self-developed FSPs and FSPs developed from publically available templates, including government provided templates.
  • In general, we find that very few self-developed FSPs, whether developed using a template or not, meet the legislative requirements for a FSP under the Qld Food Act 2006 (or the Food Act in other states or territories). Nor do the FSP documents meet the practical requirements of a Food Safety Manual that is practical, easily understood and followed by staff.
  • In particular, FSPs written by people with Food Safety Supervisor qualifications (or these competencies in Trade Qualifications), even using available templates (including those from government sites), rarely meet legislative requirements or provide a practical Food Safety Manual and System for staff to follow.
  • The Food Safety Supervisor competencies are designed to ensure Food Safety Supervisors can implement an existing FSP, but they do not provide the knowledge and skills to design and write a satisfactory FSP.
  • Generally such a FSP will need several revisions (at additional cost in time and resources) before the Food Safety Program satisfactorily meets legislative requirements and contains practical procedures that are tailored for the particular food business.
  • Sometimes Approved Food Safety Auditors are presented with a FSP copied from another Food Business, or a generic Food Business Program.
    The Food Business then queries why the Auditor does not find the FSP satisfactory, even though this Food Safety Program was found to be satisfactory for another food Business.
    Usually we find that these FSPs have not been adapted properly for the new food business and contain references to the procedures and documents of the original business. We also find that the unedited FSP does not relate to the particular processes and procedures of the new Food Business. Generic FSPs are similar. They are not specific to the procedures and practices of the new Food Businesses.
  • These FSPs, without considered modification, cannot in practice be applied to the new Food Business. The work involved in modification often is more than the work for writing the FSP from scratch.
  • Other FSPs that fail do not contain enough detail about the processes and procedures in the food businesses. They may not, for instance, address all of the different products produced by the business. They may contain inadequate procedures, or no procedures at all, for cleaning and sanitation. They may not contain all of the required Support Procedures.
    A common fault is the inadequacy of the practical procedures for cooling. Often the cooling procedures do not even meet legislative requirements.
    Often some forms/record templates for recording data do not provide an adequate record of the monitoring of the control.
    Also, it is common to find omissions in self developed FSPs, of sections for Validation, Verification, Audit and Review.
  • The pitfalls in developing a FSP that addresses the specific requirements of your food business AND adequately meets legislative requirements, are many. Rarely does a person without a sound knowledge of food safety AND the requirements of a FSP, write a program that meets all the required criteria and so can pass the Desktop Audit.
    It is not reasonable to expect a person with only Food Safety Supervisor qualifications to write a Food Safety Program without adequate support and direction. 
    The GRQ Consulting Food Safety Program Template aims to provide that support, guidance and direction.

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