Meeting Client’s Needs

GRQ Consulting constantly strives to meet the needs of its clients in an ethical, professional and supportive way by providing services and solutions that:

  • Analyse and evaluate your needs
  • Meet regulatory and industry standards
  • Provide clear and accurate documentation
  • Are innovative but practical
  • Provide options
  • Promote efficiency
  • Drive improvement
  • Establish procedures
  • Establish appropriate monitoring
  • Provide coaching, training and knowledge
  • Embed correct practices

Consultatively, and Collaboratively

GRQ Consulting aims to always work consultatively and collaboratively with you and your staff to:

  • Identify your requirements and scope your project
  • Manage the project
  • Obtain the best possible outcomes for you and your business

GRQ Consulting endeavours to provide value for money by:

  • Pricing projects and audits competitively
  • Going the extra mile to ensure quality of outcomes
  • Completing within time and budget


When consulting:

  • We will always behave ethically and professionally.
  • We will provide expert and evidence based advice.
  • Our solutions will meet all regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • We will involve you and your staff in all stages of the project.
  • We will be consultative and collaborative.
  • We will listen to you and your staff.
  • We will discuss options with you.
  • The program, procedures and records we develop for you will be practical and specific to your business needs.
  • The  documentation we develop for you will be concise, relevant and easy to read and use.

When auditing:

  • We will always adhere to the Qld Health Auditors’ Code of Conduct.
  • We will strive to remove any fear that management and staff have of the audit process.
  • We will explain in detail the auditing methodology to both management and staff.
  • We will audit supportively and consultatively, explaining best practice, Standards and Legislation, when necessary.
  • We will emphasise continuous improvement.
  • We will discuss outcomes with you to assist you to determine “where to from here?”

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